Friday, December 05, 2003


I've finally arrived! After I left the Norm Theatre, Riaz Behra, PSG head and all-around loudmouth, came up to me and asked, "Are you blue revolution?" Although a bit taken aback at first (people recognize me?!), I acknowledged him, at which point he and his buddy went on to ask why would I back Israel and their evil occupation and such.

Unfortunately, I was hungry and was getting cash from the ATM to buy pizza so I answered their questions and left without a lengthy debate. Sorry guys, but hey, if you want to debate, there's always next time. But then, if you wanted to debate, you would've went inside the theatre and debated with Dr. Pipes instead of yelling "Globalize the Intifada!", right?

I think their reasoning was that I obviously wasn't one of those evil Zionist Jews, so I must've been misinformed and that there was still a chance that I could see the light. Sorry to disappoint, but I care too much for people blown up in restaurants and wedding parties for you guys to save me.
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