Friday, December 05, 2003

Daniel Pipes At UBC: The Protests 

So yes, there were protestors outside the Norm today rallying against Dr. Pipes. Not too interesting bunch, really, with the usual PSG folks and some people from an organization called "Jews for a Just Peace".

I was inside the Norm collecting donations for Magen David Adom (which, by the way, got around $90!) and signing people up to Dr. Pipes' mailing list, so I didn't get to watch a lot of the fun outside, but I can hear their very loud shouting.

Some excellent slogans I heard: I kid you not: these guys did yell "free tuition!" It was after they found out that the AMS endorsed Dr. Pipes' visit and they got all huffy-puffy about freeing UBC and such. It's interesting how these things take on a life of its own.

I didn't see it myself, but I heard that other festivities included them spitting and name-calling (I won't go into specifics here). Mmm tolerance and debate. Don't forget that every single one of them could've went inside and debated Dr. Pipes themselves, but decided that hurting their throats with shouting slogans (which always are in iambic tetrameter, curiously enough).

It's too bad I missed it all. Or maybe I should be counting my lucky stars.
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