Friday, November 21, 2003

The Wacko Jacko Saga 

I think most people would agree that sexual predation upon innocent children is one of the most heinous crimes that can exist. So why does the reporting on the Michael Jackson story seem more appropriate for something like Bennifer than a real crime? Imagine allegations that someone in your neighborhood has been sexually molesting children: the press coverage would probably be somewhat sensationalist, but at least it'd be serious. Watching Michael Jackson go to the police station from a helicopter is not serious.

Adam Yoshida and Robin Wallace ask some serious questions about the Jackson case. Yoshi wonders why, in the ten months or so after the release of the Bashir documentary that details Jackson's disturbing behaviour, nothing about this issue came to light. He also asks how many people close to Jackson know anything about this, and why they did nothing. Wallace wonders at what sort of parents would even allow their children to stay with Michael Jackson (via Winds of Change). Makes you think, doesn't it?

All this reminds me of the Law & Order episode where a child was offered by his parents to a pedophile celebrity for money to treat his cancer-stricken brother. It gave me chills. This case gives me the exact same feeling, but when the media treats the case like so-called "reality TV", one wonders exactly how did we get to such lows.
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