Friday, November 14, 2003

Probably A Good Thing I Missed The Filibuster 

Today's Bleat is an excellent example that rage is not always blinding. And notice the header graphic: the inevitable explosion when a spark meets pressurized gasoline.
I was worried that if I did write about the war, and urge courage and steadfastness, I would be branded one of those chickenbloggers, a phrase that’s going around the blog-world once more. Really? I have to fight before I can express my opinion? That’s like saying I have to live in Antartica to draw penguins.
Nobody ever argues that the anti-war crowd can condemn something they never participated in. Maybe we should, since they evidently only understands the ridiculous arguments. But then, maybe all those "chickenhawks" are doing the anti-war crowd a favor. Just ask Christopher Hitchens:
Mind you, I have the impression that if the "armchair" arguers got their way and asked only war veterans what to do about Saddam Hussein, there would have been a rather abrupt regime change in Iraq long before now.
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