Friday, November 07, 2003

Nothing To Hide? 

The Stanford Daily shows its spine, refusing to pull ads that pointed out jubilant Palestinians in Lebanon versus Israeli mourners on September 11 (via David Bernstein)
"The ads are very offensive, very racist," he said. "They're trying to demonize a whole population, and to play off the pain of Sept. 11 is unacceptable."
So we see that generalizations are bad. So what about this one: "Iraq -> Vietnam"? And any generalization (a not too inaccurate one at that) is better than pure fabricated crap.

And I think it's pretty clear who's playing off the pain of September 11.

The unassailable fact is that Palestinians were probably the only people on the planet cheering on camera on September 11 (fine, "some", just to appease the picky). And now they know it's the biggest PR bungle they ever made, so they need to tuck it away.

How these PR geniuses messed this one up, I don't know. I mean, look at how good these guys are.

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