Saturday, November 15, 2003

The News You're Not Getting From Iraq 

Too bad I can't get MSNBC here (no specialty channels on campus cable), or I'd watch this stuff on Hardball.
Arnot concluded: "As we've seen, Iraqis themselves are angrier than the American administration about the barrage of negative stories coming out of Iraq, so angry that the ayatollah himself broke the rules and allowed to us come into this, one of the holiest sites in all of Shia Islam, right during the height of Ramadan. Chris, back to you."
Alas, not everything is perfect.
Arnot: "The combined operations yield a treasure trove of weapons and cash used to finance terrorism. That combination of targeted strikes and community development has turned over 85 percent of this country into an under-reported success. Money is what allows these commanders to basically win hearts and minds. Now, the key source of that, Chris, was something called the Commanders Emergency Relief Fund. Those funds have virtually dried up, leaving commanders without the most important weapon they have in terms of winning hearts and minds and winning this war here in Iraq, Chris."
The mainstream media has become hopelessly sensationalist and essentially lazy. If it doesn't involve something blowing up and someone dying, if it involves actual research into Iraqi society, it's not newsworthy.
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