Saturday, November 01, 2003

Let's Talk 

NYT reports that Palestinian leaders are receptive to an Israeli offer of new peace talks. But hey, we read beyond headlines, right?

Hours earlier, Palestinian leaders, meeting to form a new government, welcomed a new offer from the Israeli government to resume peace talks. But they said any negotiations must come with efforts to stop violence and halt Jewish settlement building on land claimed by Palestinians.

(Emphasis mine)

I really think the Palestinians shouldn't be so picky. I mean, the Israelis have been demanding "efforts to stop violence" from them, and they didn't exactly live up to their end of the bargain, and that was in the Oslo days! And explain to me how exactly can the Israelis stop violence? Oh right: go into the territories and hunt down terrorists! Exactly what they've been doing!

In another development, legislators from Arafat's Fatah faction nominated a hard-liner, Rafiq al-Natche, to be parliament speaker, a position Qureia left vacant when he became prime minister. The speaker's post is important because the speaker would become acting leader of the Palestinian Authority if something were to happen to Arafat.

(Emphasis mine)

Explain to me exactly why the PA even bother with the post of "Prime Minister"?

Earlier Saturday, a Palestinian man riding a motorcycle in the West Bank city of Nablus was shot and killed in a refugee camp. The military said soldiers shot the man after he refused calls to stop, ignored warning shots and fled from troops.

(Emphasis mine)

As opposed to how the Palestinians fight this war: dress up as your enemy and blow up their women and children.
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