Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Le Détritus Blanc 

I think this is a blogosphere exclusive, although several hundred thousands National Post readers would know about this already. The next French Marianne, symbol of the Republic, has been decided to be a talk show host whose show include such topics as "I'm a male cross-dresser but I'm still virile."

The French "intelligentsia" (I use that term reluctantly) is up in arms, decrying her as the "French Jerry Springer", especially insulting to them as Jerry represents the evil American cultural invasion. I think this is a good idea based on the reaction alone.

But maybe the mayors of France (who selected her) are onto something:
She has a degree in constitutional law and began as a regional news presenter in Paris before joining the talk show circuit seven years ago.

And Ms. Thomas is not without her opinions on the concept and history of the French call to arms.

She told television-listings magazine VSD that liberty was fine -- especially freedom of speech. Fraternity is about justice and education, she said, but equality has been misinterpreted by the French as a means to fit everyone into the same mould.

Ms. Thomas said equality means being unable to express your difference and her show is about giving ordinary people, not the Paris intellectuals, the chance to speak and be seen.

Not bad, but from this photo, she is no Laetitia Casta (the last Marianne). If I had to choose, I'd pick Sabine. Young, smart, beautiful, plus she's already a darling of the anti-idiotarians.

UPDATE (Nov 06, 01:00 AM): Merde in France linked me, making this my first blogosphere break. Thanks W!
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