Thursday, November 06, 2003

Jessica's Ordeal 

The New York Daily News reports that medical records indicate Pfc. Jessica Lynch was raped after her capture by Iraqi fighters Baathist bastards, although she does not recall being sexually assaulted (from lgf).

Evil SOBs, I hope that we managed to kill them all. The worst part is knowing it's probably not the first time they did it.

Of course, NYT knows what's the real priorities in this story, burying the rape account five paragraphs in after taking a swift jab at the Pentagon for "exaggerating" her ordeal and dramatizing her rescue. In response, all I'm going to do is give Bill Adams' post about the issue, four months old but just as relevant.

I suppose it's better than the Baathist Broadcasting Corp.'s headline: "Jessica Lynch 'raped' in Iraq". Oh yah, nothing beats the sarcasm quotes.

UPDATE (Nov 07, 09:15 AM): The thing about reviving an old story is that there is already written material analysing it. Joe Katzman assesses his Winds of Change colleagues' thoughts several months back on Pfc. Lynch's capture and rescue. Cori Dauber pokes at the media again for accusing CENTCOM of circulating the myth that Pfc. Lynch was trying to shoot her way out in Nasiriyah.

Armed Liberal's assessment in last May of Pfc. Lynch's rescue is a great rebuttal to the nonsense that the rescue was "staged".
The notion that the U.S. forces 'overdramatized' the rescue by using flash-bang grenades, and relatively standard tactics for moving through a potentially hostile building is just absurd. As is the notion that we should have waited for her to be released, and not acted as promptly as possible once we had clear intelligence on her likely position.
Usually at this point, I say "I rest my case", but knowing the media, it won't be the end of it.
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