Monday, November 10, 2003

Iran And IAEA: Who's More Delusional? 

IAEA says there's no evidence of an Iranian atomic weapons program, plutonium production and uranium enrichment aside (via lgf).

This is a country that's floating on oil. Its nuclear program can't produce as much power as its natural gas burn-off. They're enriching uranium and producing plutonium under the noses of inspectors. And the IAEA gives it a clean bill of health? What do they think the plutonium's for? Science fair projects?

Or maybe the IAEA is the sane one in all this, because this is what the Iranians have to say:
Iran denies this is and says it was forced to hide some nuclear activities because of decades of sanctions, which it says were illegal.

(emphasis mine)

I think I know why I won't be involved in international politics: I still have a shred of rationality in me.

Postscript: WaPo's article on the IAEA report reads much saner than the Yahoo!/Reuters article. At least somebody understands the sort of threat we're facing.

And on Iran's self-imposed "suspension" of uranium enrichment: Iran, why are you enriching uranium in the first place? And, oh, I think you're as likely to follow through on this as your Axis buddy was in 1994.
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