Thursday, November 27, 2003

Iran And IAEA: Who's More Delusional?, Part II 

The IAEA passes a resolution condemning Iran's concealment of its nuclear program. In the same breath, of course, it praises Iran's recent "active cooperation and openness", which mostly consists of smoke and mirrors and showing what the IAEA wants to see. Remember, as is everything else handled by the UN, the next step after passing a strongly worded resolution is to do nothing and idle around.
"It's also a very good day for non-proliferation because the board sends a very powerful message on the need to respect fully the integrity of the non-proliferation regime and the non-proliferation treaty."
Huh? What message? A bunch of words? These guys have been deliberately hiding their nuclear program from you for two decades and all you can do about it is tell them they're naughty? Powerful message indeed; too bad it says "please develop nukes, since we're too spineless to care."
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