Friday, November 28, 2003

If You Got It, Spend It Day 

Today is, according to Adbusters, Buy Nothing Day. Of course, I intentionally start Christmas shopping at the same time.

This year, because Canada's third quarter GDP growth is a paltry 1.1% compared to the mind-boggling 8.2% of our southern neighbour, it was even more imperative to shop and make up for the loss of revenue from hippie counterculturalists. Unfortunately, the selection at the university bookstore today seem unimpressive compared to last year.

Then I went home, and saw Michele's call for If You Got It, Spend It Day. I was so moved that I rushed back and bought the two books I had originally wanted but didn't buy the first time around. In retrospect, it was a good idea: the stuff was already 20% off, and it'll be months before a bigger sale comes by.

Thanks, Michele. Because of you, Canada's GDP will have an extra $86.80 CAD this coming quarter!
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