Saturday, November 15, 2003

I Hate It When I'm Right 

The new policy is that Iraq will move towards establishing an interim government by June next year. I think the idea of a bottom-up process towards developing the constitution is a good one, but what I've read still doesn't sound all that democratic. And as I feared before, this seems motivated to reduce Coalition casualties.
If the reported scenario is accurate, it appears the Bush administration has abandoned its own formula for transferring sovereignty and accepted one whose broad outlines coincide with council demands. The administration's goal appears to be to shift security responsibility to the Iraqis to reduce U.S. casualties before next year's presidential election in the United States.

(emphasis mine)
It's insane. Getting rid of the terrorist insurgency will bring the stability needed to transfer power to the Iraqi people. Transferring sovereignty without stability will only encourage the enemy.

Rantingprofs agrees that this fast-track approach is worrying, to say the least. The lack of hard facts about the rate of political reform makes judgment difficult, but the delicate security situation and the possibility of entrenching ethnically divided politics are not all that encouraging.

Everyone cross their fingers and hope that this is just to spark some life into the IGC, and not an exit plan.
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