Sunday, November 16, 2003

I Hate It When I'm Right, Part II 

Sean Bannion fears the accelerated moves toward Iraqi sovereignty will spell something really bad, not just because of the security issues and all that, but because Iraqi culture has been so polluted by decades of life under Saddam that the sort of civil society needed for Iraqi democracy to really flourish simply isn't there yet.

I'll be honest: my preference in how the occupation should be run is the Macarthur model (without the snuggling up to war criminals, of course). But I also know that it is politically impossible for that to happen these days. So I don't know if I can pass judgment on what's happening now, but I certainly don't feel good about it.

And if I keep hearing that all this is motivated to scale down the US military presence in Iraq, I think the Democrats should make an election issue out of this. Because if the objective is bringing troops home, it isn't going to work. But I doubt they would do that: they're too busy thinking up ways of getting out of Iraq even faster.
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