Sunday, November 16, 2003

Geneva Traitors 

Arno Weinstein tears into the "Geneva Agreement" for what it really is: a pact by the devil, with the devil, for the devil (via LGF).
Imagine this: a group of Americans, say presidential candidate Howard Dean, Senators Ted Kennedy, Fritz Hollings and Robert Byrd, go to the wilds of Pakistan and meet with the lieutenants of Usama bin Laden. They carry with them a “peace” proposal hammered out with various al-Qaida supporters in the United States calling for the unilateral withdrawal of American forces from all Islamic countries. They present the proposal to terror agents representing bin Laden, work out the kinks and arrive at an agreement aimed at ending the conflict between al-Qaida and the United States. What would the overwhelming majority of Americans say? In unison, the outcry would be: "Treason!"
I'm just hoping that the people behind Geneva stay outside any real decision-making position for a very long time.
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