Sunday, November 02, 2003

Because They Are, Maureen 

Maureen Dowd's latest flight in from the cuckoo's nest:

Now we're in the postwar war, and President Bush is still manipulating reality. He wants to obscure the intensity and nature of the opposition, choosing to lump anyone who resists the American occupation in the category of terrorist.

(Emphasis mine)

No, Maureen. I don't call marching crowds in Iraq shouting anti-American slogans as terrorists, even though they "resist the American occupation". Neither would President Bush, or any other sane person.

Rather, I think we're lumping whoever that does this, this, this, and this as "terrorists".

Explain how blowing up an unarmed helicopter filled with soldiers going on vacation is designed to do anything besides to frighten troops and the American public.

There's a simple explanation to why all these animals are being called "terrorists". It's because they are.
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